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Disaster Programs

Disaster Programs


Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

Hospitals may utilize any of the provided BCP formats, or your facilities’ individual format.   

The 2016 HPP Deliverables include completion of a BCP for three (3) mission-critical services or departments.  Please contact Joe Palacio at (562) 378-1642 or JPalacio@dhs.lacounty.gov if you have any questions or require additional information. 


Wakefield Brunswick Templates

Accounts Payable (2016)

Admissions (2016)

Ambulatory Care Center (2016)

Business Continuity Planning General Template

Biomedical Engineering (2016)

Cancer Care - Oncology (2016)

Case Management and Bed Placement (2016)

Cath Lab CVIC (2016)

Critical Care (2016)

Department Status Report - Patient Care (2016)

Department Status Report - General Office Areas (2016)

Diagnostic Imaging (2016)

Dialysis Unit (2016)

Downtime Checklist (2016)

Emergency Services (2016)

Endoscopy (2016)

Environmental Health and Safety (2016)

Environmental Services (2016)

Facilities (2016)

Finance (2016)

Food and Nutrition (2016)

Health Information Management (2016)

Heart Institute (2016)

Human Resources (2016)

Labor and Delivery (2016)

Linen Services (2016)

Med Surg (2016)

Medical Staff Office (2016)

NICU (2016)

OBGYN Clinic (2016)

Operator Services (2016)

Outpatient Surgery (2016)

Pain Clinic (2016)

Pastoral Services (2016)

Pathology Lab Transfusion (2016)

Payroll (2016)

Pharmacy (2016)

Primary Adult Care (2016)

Research (2016)

Respiratory Therapy (2016)

Security (2016)

Supply Chain (2016)

Surgical services (2016)

Telemetry (2016)

Transplant (2016)


Fusion Performance LLC 2016 Templates

Clinical Department BCP Template with Embedded Instructions            Word || PDF

Clinical Department BCP Template                                                     Word || PDF

Facility-Wide BCP Template with Embedded Instructions                     Word || PDF

Facility-Wide BCP Template                                                              Word || PDF

Non-Clinical Department BCP Template with Embedded Instructions     Word || PDF

Non-Clinical Department BCP Template                                              Word || PDF


Additional Information:

CDPH Executive Toolkit Video  Password: executive

2014 Business Continuity Webinar

2015 Healthcare Business Continuity Workshop 

How to Conduct a Hospital Business Impact Analysis

Business Impact Analysis Tool

Incident Response algorithm




Roel Amara Roel Amara, RN, BSN
Assistant Director 
(562) 378-1598
Terry Crammer Terry Crammer
Chief, Disaster Services
(562) 378-1646
Ami Boonjaluksa, RN Ami Boonjaluksa, RN
Disaster Program Manager
Emerging Infectious Disease, Family Information Center and Behavioral Health Liaison
(562) 378-1643
Aracely Campos Aracely Campos
DHV Administrative Assistant
(562) 378-1649
Elaine Forsyth Elaine Forsyth, RN
Disaster Program Manager
Ambulatory Surgical Centers, EMS Providers and Home Health and Hospice

(562) 378-1647
Laurie Lee-Brown

Laurie Lee-Brown, RN, BSN
Disaster Program Manager
DRC, Trauma Surge, Burn Surge and Pediatric Surge
(562) 378-1651

Michael Noone Michael Noone, EMT-P
Regional Disaster Health and Medical Specialist, Region I
(562) 378-1510
Joe Palacio, BS 
Joe Palacio, BS 
Disaster Program Manager
Business Continuity Planning and HPP Exercise
(562) 378-1642
Chris Sandoval

Chris Sandoval, RN
Disaster Program Manager
Clinic, Long Term Care and Dialysis Programs

(562) 378-1645

Cheryn Watkins Cheryn Watkins, RN, BSN
Disaster Program Manager
HPP Audits and Compliance

(562) 378-1644




Disaster Response Staff



Roel Amara

Roel Amara, RN, BSN
Assistant Director 
(562) 378-1598

Jim Eads

Jim Eads, EMT-P
Chief, Disaster Response
(562) 941-5545

Jerry Crow Jerry Crow, RN
Disaster Program Manager
Mobile Medical System
(562) 941-3115
David Lee

David Lee
Fleet Manager
(562) 941-5338

John Ospital

John Ospital, RN
Disaster Program Manager
Pharmaceutical Cache and CHEMPACK
(562) 903-7069


Robert Smock Robert Smock
Warehouse Operation Supervisor
(562) 941-3907
Steve Rosales

Steve Rosales
Warehouse Worker II
(562) 906-8853




Participant Seminar - September 11, 2018

The 2018 Los Angeles County Medical and Health Exercise Participant Seminar is available to all exercise participants to prepare for this year’s annual exercise. 

Participants will have access to a variety of exercise materials that may assist health care facilities in developing and implementing an effective and sustainable community response to a radiological event. 

Click here to register for the Participant Seminar


Los Angeles County Medical and Health Exercise 2018

November 15, 2018

The 2018 Los Angeles County Medical and Health Exercise scenario is a radiological “dirty bomb” event.  A dirty bomb (also known as a Radiological Dispersal Device, or RDD) combines a conventional explosive, such as dynamite, with radioactive material. The purpose of this exercise is twofold:

  1. Provide an opportunity to evaluate response plans to a radiological event
  2. Encourage participants to determine how to address radiological incident

This year’s exercise emphasizes testing health care coalitions’ response capabilities while utilizing established surge plans, policies, and procedures.

Click here to register for the Los Angeles County Medical and Health Exercise



       Exercise Evaluation Conference - December 13, 2018

The 2018 Los Angeles County Medical and Health Exercise Evaluation Conference provides an opportunity for all exercise participants to assess their abilities to respond to a radiological incident.  The goal of this conference is to enhance resiliency within our Los Angeles County healthcare coalition system.  We will be discussing the accomplishments and lessons learned in the following areas:

  • Testing and validation of policies, plans, procedures, training, equipment, mutual aid, and contractual agreements
  • Clarification of roles and responsibilities and training of personnel
  • Identification of gaps in response plans and resources
  • Strengthening of relationships among all exercise participants
  • Meeting regulatory agency requirements

Click here to register for the Exercise Evaluation Conference


Pertinent Resources

Listed below are the documents associated with the 2018 Los Angeles County Medical and Health Exercise:


Save the Dates Notice


  • Clinical (e.g. Ambulatory Surgical Centers, Clinics, Dialysis Centers, Home Health and Hospice Agencies Hospitals, Long Term Care, etc.
  • Non-Clinical (i.e., Los Angeles Emergency Medical Services Agency (LEMSA), Public Health, Social Services, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)
  • Public Safety (i.e., Emergency Medical Services Provider, Fire, Law Enforcement)

Exercise Objectives




Post Exercise:



General Resources:

Guides, Manuals and Plans:


Reference Materials:


2018 Participant Seminar Presentations





CBRN Medical Management- Clinical Personnel              

Homicide Bombings: EMS and Hospital Preparation for the Effects of an Explosive Blast

Hospital Disaster Management Training     

Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) Training             

Mass Casualty Decontamination-Hospital Course              

Medical Management of Biological Casualties for Physicians             

Medical Management of Chemical Casualties for Physicians             

Medical Management of Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive Casualties
            for Physicians

Surge World-Triage Training Tool 


FEMA On-Line Training 

HAvBED Presentation by Dr. Stephen Cantrill

Assembling and Inspecting the ILC Dover Sentinel XL CBRN PAPR (7 min)

ILC Dover Sentinel XL Product Orientation (3 min) 

Tourniquet Training



Ambulance Response to a Radiological Event
Family Assistance Center Planning Guide Overview 

Triage Tag Training

Disaster Mental Health

MCI Triage for Physicians(2012)
Part I
Part II
Part III

Mass Fatality Guide Presentation

Disaster Section 

Los Angeles County Specific Guidelines Protocols or Policies

Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) 

911 EMS Provider EVD Patient Assessment & Transporation Guideline 
Los Angeles County  
City of Long Beach 

City of Pasadena

Guidance for Employers and Healthcare Personnel Working in Ebola Areas


Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERs-CoV)

911 EMS Provider MERs-CoV Patient Assessment & Transportation Guidelines


General Information by Disease



Resource Documents


Disaster Management/Planning Policies


Bioterrorism Pocket Guide for Healthcare Professionals (2007)

Disaster Resource Center Brochure (2015)


Manuals and Plans

15 ‘til 50 Mass Casualty Planning Toolkit

Allocation of Scarce Resources (2017)

Ambulance Guidelines for Response to Radiation Events (2013)

Anticipate. Plan. Deter. Building Responder Resilience-Instructor Guide (2015)

Burn Resource Manual (2010)

Communication Plan (2017)

Conducting Drills and Exercise: A Guide for Hospitals (2012)

Disaster Preparedness Resource Guide for LTCHF (2012)


Evacuation/Shelter in Place for HealthCare Facilities (2012)

Part I: Guidance                     PDF File 

Part II: Plan Template             PDF File 

Part III: Tabletop Exercises     PDF File 

Family Assistance Plan (2010)

Family Information Center Planning Guide (2013)

Healthcare Coalition Governance Document (2012)

Healthcare Surge Planning Guide (2017)

Los Angeles County Disaster Healthcare Volunteers Clinic Tabletop Exercise Guidebook  (2014) 

Los Angeles County Disaster Healthcare Volunteers Deployment Operations Manual  (2014) 

Los Angeles County Disaster Healthcare Volunteers Hospital Tabletop Exercise Guidebook  (2014) 

Mass Casualty Decontamination for Hospitals-Instructor  (2006)

Mass Casualty Decontamination for Hospitals-Student (2006)

Mass Fatality Management Guide for Healthcare Entities (2013)

Medical Management of Internally Radiocontaminated Patients (2006)

Pediatric Ciprofloxacin Dosing

Pediatric Surge Plan  (2016)

Pediatric Surge Quick Reference Guide (2016)

Preparedness Items List for Ambulatory Surgery Centers (2012)

Preparing Hospitals and Clinics for the Psychological Consequences 
            of a Terrorist Incident or Other Public Health Emergency (2007)

PsyStart Badge Buddy (Printable)

PsyStart Disaster Mental Health Triage Systems Concept of Operations (CONOPS) Toolkit for the    Los Angeles County Emergency Medical Services Agency(2013)


Attachment 1-PsySTART Disaster Mental Health Triage System “Exercise Only” form
Attachment 2-
HICS- Mental Health Unit Leader with PsyStart Triage Manager Component Job Action Sheet
Attachment 3-
HICS – Mental Health Triage (PsySTART) Manager Job Action Sheet
Attachment 4-
PsySTART Staff Self Triage System (Single-day version)
Attachment 5-
PsySTART Staff Self Triage System (Multi-day version)
Attachment 6-
PsySTART Staff Self Triage System Leader Summary Form
Attachment 7
- HICS- Employee Health & Well-Being Unit Leader with PsySTART Staff Triage Component
Attachment 8
- Building Your Responder Personal Resilience Plan™.      Anticipate, Plan, Deter - Maximizing Resilience for Healthcare Workers (brochure)
Attachment 9-
Listen, Protect and Connect: Family to Family, Neighbor to Neighbor to Neighbor-Psychological First Aid (PFA) for the Community Helping Each Other
Attachment 10
- PsySTART  Disaster Mental Health Triage Systems TableTop Exercise  Guidebook for Healthcare Facilities
Attachment 11- Directions for signing on to PsySTART Application
(The attachment is currently under modification)

Recommended Actions to Prepare EMS Providers for Pandemic Influenza by Pandemic Phase

            PDF  |   WORD (2009)

Recommended Actions to Prepare Hospitals for Pandemic Influenza by Pandemic Phase

            PDF  |   WORD (2010)

Recommended Action to Prepare Law Enforcement Agencies for Pandemic Influenza by Pandemic Phase 

            PDF  |   WORD (2010)

Terrorism Agent Information and Treatment Guidelines for Hospitals and             Clinicians (2012)



Bioterrorism Syndromes Poster (2001)



Resource Links


2-1-1 LA County

ADA Guide for Local Government

Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles- Pediatric Disaster Resource and Training Center
Emergency Preparedness for Children with Access and Functional Needs

Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles County (CCALAC)

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

Disaster Healthcare Volunteer- Los Angeles County Surge Unit

ESRD Network 18 of Southern California- Emergency Readiness

Hospital Association of Southern California (HASC)

Los Angeles City Emergency Management Department

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health-Acute Communicable Disease Control (ACDC)

Los Angeles County Office of Emergency Management

Mobile Medical Systems Information

Mobile Medical Systems Photos

Pediatric Readiness Toolkit for Emergency Departments

Saint Mary Medical Center DRC

South Bay Area DRC


Active shooter drill materials

Active shooter Preparedness

Active Shooter: What can you do? (IS-907)

American Burn Association

American Red Cross

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Center for Domestic Preparedness


DHHS HAvBED Login (Informational ONLY)

Emergency Preparedness Packet for Home Health Agencies (2011)

Emergency Survival Program (multiple languages)

Empower Map

Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center

Everbridge Client Portal


Everbridge Login

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Fire Safety Council


Health and Human Services Response and Recovery Resources Compendium

Healthcare COOP and Recovery Planning

Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP)

Hospital Preparedness Program

Humane Society

Kidney Community Emergency Response Coalition

Long Term, Home Health, and Hospice Care Planning Guide for Public Health Emergencies

National Association of Homecare and Hospice (Disaster Plans and Educational Presentations)

National Fire Protection Association

National Hospital Available Beds for Emergencies and Disasters (HAvBED)            System (AHRQ Archive)

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Nevada National Security Site

Ready (FEMA)

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Technical Resources Assistance Center Information Exchange (TRACIE)

United States Department of Health and Human Services 

United States Department of Homeland Security

United States Geological Survey



California Ambulatory Surgery Association (CASA)

California Association of Health Facilities –Disaster Preparedness Program

California Department of Food and Agriculture

California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection

California Department of Public Health-Emergency Preparedness Office

California Emergency Medical Services Authority- Disaster Medical Services Division

California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services

California Hospital Association Emergency Preparedness 

California Seismic Safety Commission

California Statewide Medical and Health Training and Exercise Program

Emergency Survival Program


ReddiNet HAvBED Instructions

ReddiNet Login

Regional Catastrophic Disaster Planning 

Regional Disaster Medical and Health Coordination

Southern California Earthquake Center  

Structural Engineers Association of California


Published Articles (Local):

Burn Surge for Los Angeles County, California

Code Triage: Integrating the National Children’s Disaster Mental Health Concept of Operations Across Health Care Systems

Disaster Documentation for the Clinician

Disaster Management of Chronic Dialysis Patients

Field Triage and Patient Maldistribution in a Mass-Casualty Incident

Los Angeles County Addresses Pediatric Needs Using the Disaster Resource Center Program

Los Angeles County and the Disaster Resource Center Program

Transportation Resource Requirements for Hospital Evacuation

“Truck Driving Nurses”