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Manuals and Protocols


Color Code Drug Doses for L.A. County Kids 

Guidelines for administration of medications to pediatric patients, based on Pediatric Advanced Life Support Provider Manual 2011, Broselow ™ Pediatric Emergency Tape 2011 Edition A (Updated February 1, 2017).

Drills and Exercises - A Hospital Guide

Base Hospital Form Instruction Manual 
(Revised 04/18)

This manual provides instruction on how to fill out the base Hospital Form, which is a one-page form used by all of the base hospitals in the LA County EMS System to summarize data from the 911 emergency medical system.  (Form revised 12/14)

EMS Report Form Instruction Manual 
This manual provides instruction on how to fill of the EMS Agency EMS Report Form which is used by most of the Los Angeles County EMS provider agencies.  (Updated 08/2018)

LA-EMS Data Dictionary (11/2018)

Prehospital Care Manual 
The policies in this manual govern all aspects of prehospital care in Los Angeles County .  They are reviewed and updated regularly by the Emergency Medical Services Agency.

Trauma Data Dictionary (04/2017)

Trauma Data Dictionary >>> Effective on January 1, 2018

Standing Field Treatment Protocols
SFTPs are written orders that allow paramedics to initiate ALS procedures without voice contact for medical direction from a physician or MICN, provided that quality improvement measures are in place.  These protocols have been developed for use by the field paramedics with a sign / symptom orientation to treating the prehospital care patient.  (Updated 2012)