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Medical Record Request

To receive more detailed information on submitting a request for medical records, please click on the link below that best describes who you are

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As a covered entity under the Health Insurance Accountability and Portability Act, the Health Services understands that the sharing protected health information with other covered entities helps builds professional relationships, assists with treatment, payment, and health care operation functions. Our goal is to provide request for protected health information to other health care providers in a timely manner, and to help us with this goal, we have provide you with some useful tips that we hope will assist you with submitting your request.

The Health Services operates various facilities across Los Angeles County and we often receive medical record request with the wrong facility name or with names of providers who don’t work at the facility where the request was submitted to. Please ensure that your request is accurate and complete and is sent to the correct Health Services facility. To view our office locations, please click here.

In order for us to process your request, please ensure that your request has sufficient information to help us identify the patient and clearly states what type of protected health information is needed. We highly recommend that you also provide us with the reason for your request,  Example: Requesting PHI for continuing of care purposes.

To view our medical record request form, please click here

In the event where your request is needed STAT, please contact the facilities Health Information Management Unit and inform them of the need. Health Information Management staff are trained to handle such request but will first need to verify the requestors identity and authority to adhere to privacy laws.

Our Health Information Management sites work diligently to attempt to fulfill request for treatment purposes within 15 calendar days. For a listing of contact numbers for our Health Information Management locations, please click here.

We hope that this information helped you to successfully submit your medical record request. If you need further assistance, please use the patient information tools that are located to the left of this page or contact your local Health Information Management office.