Classes/Schedules 1024 613 Women's Health

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Prenatal Education and Childbirth Preparation Class Topics

  • Introduction to the different class topics
  • Physical changes during pregnancy
  • Emotional changes during pregnancy
  • Appropriate weight gain during pregnancy
  • What should you eat? (food groups, serving size, MyPlate)
  • Staying hydrated
  • Reading food labels
  • Healthy substitutes
  • Food safety
  • Benefits of exercise during pregnancy
  • Safe exercises to do
  • What are the recommendations?
  • When to stop exercising
  • Benefits of breastmilk for baby and mom
  • Understanding how breastfeeding works
  • Effective Latching
  • Breastfeeding positions
  • Additional support (BF support groups, pumps)
  • Baby Friendly, Skin to skin
  • Understanding stages of labor, false labor vs. active labor, contractions
  • When to go to the hospital, triage, admission
  • Vaginal/Cesarean delivery
  • Options for pain management
  • What baby will look like when it is born (vernix, Mongolian spots, milia, puffiness)
  • Hospital policy (stay, number of people in the room, etc.)
  • What techniques to use to ease pain during labor
  • Understanding contractions
  • Cycle of fear, pain, tension
  • Comfort techniques (breathing, scented candles, picture/image)
  • Laboring positions
  • How labor partner can be of support
  • Post birth vaginal care/cesarean section care
  • Baby blues/postpartum depression
  • Contraception
  • Car seat safety
  • Umbilical cord care
  • Bathing your baby
  • Safe sleep, SIDS