Vaccination is the key to unlocking the end of the terrible pandemic

Vaccination is the key to unlocking the end of the terrible pandemic


Vaccination is the key to unlocking the end of the terrible pandemic

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(For Health Services Workforce Only)

When the pandemic began, Health Services entered uncharted territory. We didn’t know what Covid-19 would bring or the challenges we would face. But we knew that we were focused on our patients, each other and our families. Now, almost 11 months later, although there is still much that we do not know about Covid-19, we have certainly learned and achieved a lot.

One of the greatest achievements in modern scientific history has been the creation of the Covid-19 vaccine.  The mRNA vaccines available to Health Services staff are 95% effective, a breakthrough that has been possible due to the cooperation of leading medical experts in America and pharmaceutical companies around the world. As healthcare workforce members, we have been given the extraordinary privilege of being first in line to receive a vaccine that has gone through rigorous and transparent testing not only by health experts at the FDA but also countries all over the world representing all races and ethnicities.

Health Services staff are dedicated to providing healthcare excellence for our patients. This is a given. From a front-line nurse at High Desert to a supply chain expert at MLK, we are all dedicated to the health and safety of our patients. As of Jan 31st, 64% of Health Services employees have received their first vaccination; a great start but well under our goal of 100%. In order to protect our patients – and our families – we need to protect ourselves. The best way to do that, in conjunction with continuing to wear masks and practice social distancing, is to get vaccinated.

As part of Health Services’ goal for a 100% vaccination workforce let’s agree to do one of the following each day:

  • Sign up or encourage your coworkers to sign up for their vaccination at Persinda (all E and C number staff are eligible). Persinda application is for Health Services workforce only.
  • Encourage transmission prevention standards such as handwashing and mask wearing
  • Have open discussions about your concerns and contact DHS Voices with any questions

Health Services staff are here, together. As healthcare workers Health Services staff have been working daily to serve our patients and community. Every vaccinated member of the workforce will help protect all of us. If we are all vaccinated, the risk of getting COVID-19 from our families, coworkers and patients drops dramatically. This means more of our workforce is available to pitch in and help one another in this time of crisis.

Most importantly, we are saving lives. Covid-19 is a cruel disease; many victims who are infected don’t know they have it and a large percentage of those infected have limited or no symptoms. But as we have all witnessed, the worst-case outcome for Covid-19 is death. Currently Covid-19 is the leading cause of death in the United States with 10 people dying every hour from Covid-19 in LA County. In addition to the worst outcomes, there are several long-term health implications of Covid-19 ranging from chronic fatigue, kidney damage, cardiovascular issues and lung damage.

We can achieve a return to so many of the normal activities we’ve been missing during the past year if we act with purpose to end the pandemic; and the best way to defeat Covid-19 is for everyone to get vaccinated. If you’re skeptical or concerned about the side effects, we understand and we hear you, and we want to provide you with the facts:

  • The likelihood of a severe side effect is less than 1 in 200
  • Less than 5% of vaccinations lead to even mild side effects, which are a normal sign that your body is building protection to the virus. Symptoms typically go away in a few days.

With the vaccine supply limited, the safest decision we can all make is to get our first vaccine dose. Let’s get Health Services to 100% vaccination and help defeat Covid-19 by signing up on the Persinda website today (For Health Services Workforce Only).

There is so much that we as a healthcare organization can’t control – the number of patients that surge into our emergency rooms, the amount of community spread or the impact of political decisions. What each of us can control is our decision to get vaccinated. With an uncertain future, we can take comfort in deciding to get a vaccination that will help end this pandemic.

Persinda Link (For Health Services Workforce Only)

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