Musculoskeletal and Orthopedic Physical Therapy Program


header-title-decorationMusculoskeletal and Orthopedic Physical Therapy Program

Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center has been a facility specializing in the treatment of individuals with significant disability for many years. We have seen firsthand that as people live active lives with mobility impairments, it is extremely common for musculoskeletal and orthopedic problems to develop. The Musculoskeletal and Orthopedic Physical Therapy program focuses on the expert assessment and treatment of complex musculoskeletal conditions.  

The highly specialized clinicians in this program use movement re-education, skilled manual techniques, and targeted strengthening and therapeutic exercise to optimize functional capacity and reduce pain and dysfunction. Injury prevention and wellness are addressed through collaboration and education with others treating patients along the continuum of care through research, advanced training programs, and by providing interventions and information to patients and their families to mitigate specific musculoskeletal risks. 

Providers and patients: please complete an Outpatient Therapy Referral Form – Community prior to scheduling an appointment. For appointments and appointment-related inquiries please call (562) 385-6536.  

Office hours are Monday – Friday (8:00 a.mto 5:00 p.m.).