Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center

Inpatient Admissions

If you are an inpatient with another facility, ask your healthcare provider if Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center (Rancho) is right for you. Our professional staff will work with your provider to determine if Rancho meets your needs.

For more information on inpatient referrals, click here

Inpatient Referrals
Phone: (562) 385-6554
Fax (562) 385-7590
E-mail: Admission@rancho.org

Outpatient Therapy Referrals

Please complete the Community Referral and Patient Information forms prior to scheduling an appointment. Submit completed forms by fax to the Rancho Outpatient Referral Office at (562) 385-7604. For appointments and appointment related inquiries, call (562) 385-6536. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Outpatient Evaluation

If you are interested in an outpatient evaluation for admission to Rancho for rehabilitation or specialized medical services, call us at (562) 385-6536 or toll-free at (877) RANCHO-1.

Outpatient Appointments

Call our outpatient care center if you or a loved one would like to inquire about our outpatient programs. We will provide you with information to help you make informed decisions about your choices in healthcare. All information will be kept strictly confidential.

Outpatient Care Business Office
Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Monday through Friday
Phone: (562) 385-6536
Toll-free: (877) RANCHO-1
E-mail: outpatient@rancho.org
Fax: (562) 385-7604


Café Amigos offers nutritious meal options between 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, with lunch served between11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Café Amigos is located in the Support Services Annex (SSA) Building near the Rancho Parking Structure.

There are two snack bars on each end of the campus (located in the 500 and 900 buildings).  Both offer fast food options, such as snacks and beverages. Vending machines are located throughout the campus.

If you are a patient, please check with your physician for dietary restrictions before accessing these food options. The Nutritional Services Department serves three nutritious meals daily to patients in the hospital. Dietitians oversee nutritional needs. Snacks are provided between meals as recommended by the dietary program set up for each patient.

Electronic Health Records

Hospitals and clinics throughout the Department of Health Services (DHS) system will soon be able to communicate more quickly with one another, thanks to a new electronic health records program. The program, ORCHID (Online Real-time Centralized Health Information Database), will ensure each patient has one medical chart to be utilized throughout the DHS system. This will limit potential errors and provide clinicians with accurate, real-time information on each patient.

Information About Your Bill

Rancho staff is available to assist you with questions about coverage options or bills. Call (562) 385-6535 or toll-free at (877) RANCHO-1 to speak with one of our financial services representatives.


The parking structure off Old River School Road offers ample parking for visitors, with handicapped parking spaces on the first floor. There is additional limited visitor parking off Rives, Erickson, and Dahlia Avenues. Handicapped spaces are located throughout the campus.

Pastoral Services

Rancho’s Pastoral Care Department is available to provide for each patient’s spiritual needs. Catholic, Jewish, and Protestant clergy regularly visit patients on the units and can be reached by phone.

Catholic and Protestant services are conducted on Sundays. Volunteers are available to assist patients in attending services.

To receive spiritual services for other religions call the Clergy Office at (562) 385-7256.

Patient Advocacy Office

The Patient Advocacy Office serves as the hospital ombudsman, investigating complaints and grievances from patients, visitors, staff, and the general public.

A vital resource to the hospital, the office provides patients and staff members an opportunity to have their voices heard. The office works closely with each department, sharing positive feedback and complaints to key leaders.

(562) 385-7036

Patient Medical Records

To request a copy of your medical record, please complete the form and return it to Health Management Information via fax or mail. You    may also provide the form to our office in person.

For more information, please contact:

Health Management Information
7601 Imperial Hwy, Bldg. 603 HIM
Downey, CA 90242
Phone: (562) 385-7122
Fax: (562) 803-0167
Hours: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Patient Rights 

As a patient, you have the right to:

  1. Impartial access to available medical treatments as recommended by your physician, regardless of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, disability, familial status, or sources of payment for care.
  2. Considerate and respectful care.
  3. Know the name of the physician who has primary responsibility for coordinating your care and the names and professional relationships of other physicians and non-physicians who will see you.
  4. Receive information about your illness, the course of treatment and prospects for recovery in terms that you can understand.
  5. Receive as much information about any proposed treatment or procedure as you may need in order to give informed consent or to refuse their course of treatment. Except in emergencies, this information shall include a description of the procedure or treatment, the medically significant risks involved in this treatment, alternative courses of treatment or non-treatment and the risks involved in each and to know the name of the person who will carry out the procedure or treatment.
  6. Pain management.
  7. Reasonable responses to any reasonable requests made for service.
  8. Refuse care, treatment, and services.
  9. Written information, if you are an adult patient, about your right to accept or refuse medical or surgical treatment including foregoing or withdrawing life-sustaining treatment or withholding resuscitative services.
  10. Leave the hospital even against the advice of physicians, except when limited by law.
  11. Form advance directives and appoint a person to make healthcare decisions on their behalf, to the extent permitted by law. The person selected to make the decisions for the patient may be the patient’s guardian, next of kin, or legally authorized responsible person. The legally authorized representative shall have the same rights as the patient if a physician finds the patient to be incompetent and medically incapable of understanding or providing an informed consent to proposed treatments or procedures.
  12. Have all Patient Rights apply to the person who may have legal responsibility to make decisions regarding medical care on your behalf.
  13. Full consideration of privacy concerning the medical care program. Case discussion, consultation, examination and treatment are confidential and should be conducted discreetly. You have the right to be advised as to the reason for the presence of any individual.
  14. Confidential treatment of all communications and records pertaining to your care and your stay in the hospital. Written permission shall be obtained before your medical records may be made available to anyone not directly concerned with the case.
  15. Reasonable continuity of care and to know in advance the time and location of an appointment as well as the identity of persons providing their care.
  16. Advised if hospital/personal physician proposes to engage in or perform human experimentation affecting your care or treatment. You have the right to refuse to participate in such research projects.
  17. Be informed on continuing healthcare requirements following discharge.
  18. Expect reasonable safety in areas controlled by hospital staff.
  19. Be free from physical or mental abuse and corporal punishment.
  20. Be free from restraints or seclusion of any form, imposed as a means of coercion, discipline, convenience, or retaliation by staff. Restraint or seclusion may only be imposed to ensure the immediate physical safety of the patient, staff member, or others and must be discontinued at the earliest possible time.
  21. Examine and receive an explanation of the bill regardless of source of payment.
  22. Know which hospital rules and policies apply to patients’ conduct while a patient.
  23. A copy of the contents of your their medical record, to the extent permitted by law. Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center charges a per page fee for copies of medical records. Patients have the right to duplicate their records after signing a Release of Information form. You also have the right to expect confidential treatment of all communications and records pertaining to their medical care and must give written permission if records are to be made available to anyone not directly concerned with your care.
  24. Designate visitors of your choosing, if you have has decision-making capacity, whether or not the visitor is related by blood or marriage.
  25. Have your cultural, psychological, spiritual, and personal beliefs and preferences respected.
  26. Have the hospital accommodate your desire for pastoral and other spiritual services.
  27. Address grievances concerning these rights or any other policy or procedure of the hospital agency or government body having jurisdiction over this facility.
  28. File complaints or grievances. Complaints are handled by the Customer Service Department.

Patients have the right to schedule an interview with a licensing or credentialing agency:

Division of Accreditation Operations
Office of Quality Monitoring
The Joint Commission
One Renaissance Blvd
Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181
FAX: (630) 792-5636

Institute for Medical Quality
221 Main Street, Suite 210
San Francisco, CA 94105
Phone: (415) 882-5151

Dept. of Health and Human Services
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
7500 Security Blvd. Mail Stop S2-12-25
Baltimore, Maryland 21244-1850
Phone: (800) 633-4227

California Dept. of Public Health
Licensing and Certification Division
Information Hotline: (800) 236-9747

Patient Safety Hotline
County of Los Angeles – Health Service Administration
Phone: (800) 611-4365

Patient Responsibilities

As a patient, you have the responsibility to:

  1. Provide, to the best of your knowledge, accurate and complete information about present complaints, past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications, and other matters relating to your health. You have the responsibility to report unexpected changes in your condition to the responsible physician.
  2. Make known whether you understand contemplated courses of action and what is expected of you.
  3. Understand you are responsible if you refuse treatment or if you do not follow your physician’s instructions.
  4. Follow the treatment plan recommended by the physician primarily responsible for your care. This includes following instructions of allied health staff as they carry out the plan of care and implement the physician’s orders, and as they enforce applicable hospital rules and regulations.
  5. Be considerate for the rights of other patients and hospital personnel and for assisting in the control of noise, smoking, and the number of visitors. Patients are responsible for being respectful of the property of other persons and of the hospital.
  6. Follow hospital rules and regulations affecting patient care and conduct.
  7. Assure that financial obligations of healthcare are fulfilled as promptly as possible.

SOURCE: Title 22 of the California Code of Regulations and the Joint Commission

Transportation and Lodging


Practice Bus Program

The Practice Bus Program offers patients the opportunity to practice boarding and exiting the bus. Bus operators and trained personnel offer free marking and tethering for patients in wheelchairs, helping patients build confidence in using public transportation. The program is available on the third Thursday of each month, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Rancho-to-Rail Shuttle

Transit services are available between Rancho and the Blue and Green Line stations. Metro Local Line 117 provides direct access to Metro Rail at 103rd/Watts and Lakewood Stations. Metro Local Line 120 provides direct access to Metro Blue and Green Lines at Willowbrook Station, as well as access to Metro Green Line at Norwalk Station. Access certified customers ride Metro for free.

R.R.I. Transportation

The Rancho Research Institute (R.R.I.) provides temporary transportation services for outpatients who are actively finding long-term transportation. R.R.I. is a shared ride service, which means the shuttle carries several patients at a time. Patients must be referred to the service and meet additional guidelines.

For more information, please contact:

Rancho Research Institute
Phone: (562) 385-7161
Directions to Rancho

From the 105 Freeway

Take the Garfield Avenue exit. Cross Garfield Avenue to Paramount Boulevard. Follow Paramount Boulevard to Imperial Highway. Turn left onto Imperial Highway. Turn right onto Old River School Road. Take the first right onto Leeds Street.

From the 605 Freeway

Take the 105 onramp. Exit on Paramount Boulevard. Follow Paramount Boulevard to Imperial Highway. Turn left onto Imperial Highway. Turn right onto Old River School Road. Take the first right onto Leeds Street.

From the 710 Freeway

Take the Imperial Highway East exit. Turn left on Old River School Road. Take the first right onto Leeds Street.


Housing of Medical Emergencies (H.O.M.E.)

Owned and operated by the Assistance League of Downey, H.O.M.E. is a ten-unit housing complex for families and friends of Rancho patients. H.O.M.E. is available to families who have demonstrated a need for temporary low-cost housing, are able to pay $10 per night, and meet additional screening criteria.

For more information about H.O.M.E., please contact the Rancho Social Work Department:

Social Work Department
Phone: (562) 385-7867

Embassy Suites Hotel – Downey

Located two miles from the Rancho campus, Embassy Suites Hotel – Downey offers families a 10 percent discount off available rates. Amenities include dry cleaning and laundry service, microwave, pool, premium TV, and refrigerator.

Embassy Suites Hotel – Downey
8425 Firestone Avenue
Downey, CA 90241
Phone: (562) 861-1900

Visiting Hours and Guidelines

All visitors must register at the Visitor Assistance Desk, located on the first floor of the JPI Building. Visitors shall obtain passes and display these passes at all times while on medical center grounds. Visiting hours for all patients are now 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Visitors are allowed to be in the patient’s room (bedside) during visiting hours as long as their presence does not disrupt patient care. Children under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult and remain supervised at all times. Children under age five are permitted in the patient’s room with the approval of the nursing staff.

The facility can restrict visitors if it has reasonably determined that the presence of a particular visitor would endanger the health or safety of a patient, member of the health facility staff, or other visitor to the health facility, or would significantly disrupt the operations of the facility. The facility may also establish reasonable restrictions on visitation, including hours of visitation and number of visitors.


Visitors of Intensive Care Unit patients are allowed five minutes each hour, with a limit of two visitors at a time.

All Other Units

With the approval of, and as determined by, the attending physician or nurse manager:

  1. When the patient is in a terminal state.
  2. The first day following a major surgical procedure.
  3. When requested to come for rehabilitation training.
  4. When a family member is needed for translation services.
  5. As needed to meet a patient’s immediate psychological needs.

Family members and guardians are encouraged to participate in their patient’s rehabilitation program. Visiting hours may be adjusted for such beneficial participation. Participation outside customary visiting hours must be done under the following guidelines:

  1. Observance of TV, radio, and lights off hours
  2. No sleeping in patient beds
  3. Maintaining a quiet atmosphere during sleeping hours
  4. No touching of equipment which they have not been trained to use
  5. No interference with the care of any patient on the units.

Persons of any age with an acute infectious disease should not visit patients unless special precautions are taken, such as wearing a surgical mask, to prevent the spread of infection. This requirement will be monitored by nursing staff on all units.