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Update on ODR Leadership search

Update on ODR Leadership search

Update on ODR Leadership search

Update on ODR Leadership search 1024 648 OFFICE OF DIVERSION AND REENTRY

The search committee for the new head of the Office of Diversion and Reentry is continuing, with the goal of bringing on a new director by fall.

Input from a series of staff and community listening sessions has been instrumental in guiding the process, said Clemens Hong, director of DHS Community Programs. “Our staff and community partners have shared their vision on the leadership qualities that will help expand ODR’s transformational work,” Hong said.

Some of the priority attributes identified by both groups are:

  • A leader that helps unify staff, community programs, partners and other county agencies around ODR’s work.
  • Possesses a commitment to equity, ideally a person of color with lived experience and a deep understanding of community needs.
  • Has a deep understanding of the work.
  • And is a strong external advocate for ODR in the face of pushback or false narratives.

When the search progress began, the future of ODR included the Youth Diversion and Development and Reentry programs. However, following the announcement that that those programs would move to new departments, the job description was reworked. “We wanted to make sure that we had clear expectations before opening the search for such an important role,” Hong said. “We look forward to bringing on a new leader to help guide us through a period of transformation and growth.”