Program Description

Care Coordination and Service Navigation program that utilizes Community Health Workers (CHWs) with lived experience to provide case management and peer mentorship. CHWs link clients to various services including, but not limited to, mental health, substance use, primary care physicians, housing, employment, benefits establishment, legal, court mandated programs, family reunification, obtaining IDs, transportation and other services based on client need.

Population Served
Adults with an arrest, charge or conviction record with mild to moderate mental health and substance use disorder or those on active adult felony probation.

Contracted Service Providers
There are 29 community-based service providers with 100 CHWs located in 34 office locations throughout all 8 Service Planning Areas (SPAs).

Period of Performance: April 2018 – August 31, 2021
Clients referred during reporting period: 24,418
Clients enrolled during reporting period: 18,895
Clients exited during reporting period: 17,295

Clients referred by Probation, CDCR/Parole, Community Partners, etc 5,574
Clients enrolled: 4,741
Average Length of time in program: 7 months
Clients exited: 3,724

Clients referred by Whole Person Care - LA County Jail: 18,844
Clients enrolled: 14,154
Average Length of time in program: 2 months
Clients exited: 13,571

ODR RICMS Demographics


Gender N %
Gender Total 434 100.0%


Race N %
Race Total 434 100.0%


Age Range N %
Age Total 434 100.0%


Ethnicity N %
Ethnicity Total 434 100.0%


SPA Total 434 100.0%