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Current Reentry Programs

Reentry Intensive Case Management Services (R-ICMS)
Reentry Intensive Case Management Services (R-ICMS) seeks to improve the health and well-being of justice-involved individuals by providing case management and service navigation. Community Health Workers with lived experience of justice system involvement support individuals by determining their needs and making connections to relevant organizations and services including: stabilizing needs, enrollment in social services, physical and mental health, housing support, employment and education, cognitive behavioral interventions, arts and entrepreneurship programming, and substance use disorder treatment.

The Skills and Experience for the Careers of Tomorrow (SECTOR) (Spanish) Program offers training and paid work experience in sectors that provide career pathway opportunities and family-sustaining wages for people impacted by the justice system. Participants gain skills and credentials that are in-demand by employers; earn financial assistance while they’re enrolled; and get help landing a job after completing the program. Career Coaches with lived experience of justice involvement provide job readiness services and retention support once placed in a job.

Developing Opportunities and Offering Reentry Solutions (DOORS) is an inclusive community where everyone impacted by the justice system can thrive and fully participate in society.  The Community Reentry Center (CRC) at DOORS provides an array of comprehensive supportive services to address the barriers to reentry for justice-involved individuals, particularly those on adult felony supervision, their families and the community. Such services include but are not limited to housing, employment, legal aid, educational support, mental health assessment and linkage, substance use counseling, and health and healing through the arts. The services are provided in a welcoming environment by county partners and community-based organizations that are considered leaders in reentry and experienced professionals with high risk communities. You can learn more about DOORS by clicking this link.

College and Career (East LA College, Rio Hondo, Mt. SAC)
The College and Career program partners with post secondary institutions to assist justice-involved individuals who wish to continue their education. These programs guide students in navigating the educational and employment landscape and provide the support necessary for academic success.

Reentry Interim Housing
The Interim Housing program provides temporary housing to reentry clients. The program offers on-site case management as well as linkage to various services including employment support, expungement, family reunification, and preparation for rental permanency.

Breaking Barriers
Breaking Barriers is a 24-month Rapid Rehousing program managed by Brilliant Corners which serves adults on felony probation in Los Angeles County who are experiencing homelessness and can work full-time. The program combines assistance with housing services, case management and employment services provided through Chrysalis.

You can read RAND’s Breaking Barriers research report here.

Coming Soon!

In partnership with the Los Angeles County Probation Department, ODR Reentry Division has implemented YO!, a transformative mentoring program that will help young adults reach developmental milestones by engaging them productively in education, work, and civic life. This model has led to successful outcomes in reducing recidivism in other jurisdictions and consists of six components: 1) Group sessions that enable comradery and support amongst participants, 2) a curriculum based on cognitive behavioral principles, 3) credible messenger mentors with lived experience of incarceration who are available for support, advice, and guidance, 4) case management and service navigation with a focus on education and employment, 5) participant incentives for achieving milestones, and 6) incorporation of positive young  development values, principles, and practices for emerging adults.

The Reentry Division in partnership with The LA County Probation Department, is developing the Providing Opportunities for Women in Reentry (POWR) program which will link systems-impacted women to safe housing, employment, family reunification, support groups, mental health, and substance use treatment, to reduce recidivism, improve their well-being, and achieve self-sufficiency.

Reentry Initiatives

LA Free the Vote
LA Free the Vote is an initiative born of two LA Board of Supervisors’ motions in 2018 tasking County agencies to collaborate in a taskforce with stakeholders to civically engage and register to vote justice-involved individuals. LA Free the Vote aims to make LA County a national leader in systematically offering voter registration and education to the justice-involved population and encouraging this population to vote. Recognizing that the justice-involved population sits at the intersection of multiple underserved communities, LA Free the Vote brings an intentional County government focus to proactively outreaching to this population whose voices are important to our civic life. Check out the LA Free the Vote website for key updates and to sign up for the newsletter. You can also download the LA Free the Vote flyer, as well as a voter registration training PowerPoint and accompanying training recording.

Fair Chance Campaign
The Office of Diversion and Reentry is a proud partner of the Fair Chance Campaign. We support justice-involved individuals and Fair Chance hiring practices. Click here to learn more about the Fair Chance Campaign.

Other Reentry Collaborations

Innovative Employment Solutions (INVEST)
In collaboration with the Workforce Development, Aging and Community Services (WDACS) and County of Los Angeles Probation Departments, the Reentry Division of ODR supports employment services through the INVEST program. The INVEST program coordinates probation supervision programs with the WDACS’s workforce development system to provide training and support that will help adults on probation enter into the workforce on a meaningful career path.

Supervisorial District Reentry Programs
In collaboration with the Board of Supervisors, the Reentry Division of ODR manages program contracts with community-based organizations to provide services for those on adult felony probation using SB 678 funding. Programs have been launched in Districts 2 (via the DOORS Community Reentry Center), 3 and 4. Services have included employment and training, substance use disorder treatment, arts programming, parenting support, and other services based on the needs of the client.