LEAD (Let Everyone Advance with Dignity / Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion)

LEAD is a non-punitive, community-based system of response and care to better address root causes of frequent contact with law enforcement that is related to substance use, unmet mental health needs, and/or extreme poverty. It is centered at the intersection of public health, public safety and racial justice. ODR started the LA County LEAD program in 2017 to serve individuals who have multiple contacts with the criminal legal system and who are at high risk for recidivism. LEAD serves persons who are typically excluded from or underserved by existing programs (including people who are transgender, people experiencing homelessness, immigrants, people living with HIV), and persons who are disproportionally impacted by racial disparities in policing, arrests, and sentencing. LEAD accepts referrals from both community members and law enforcement, whether or not a crime has occurred, and offers individualized services and care.

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