ODR’s Clinical Programs serve to reduce the number of incarcerated people in the LA County jail who have serious clinical needs by removing them from the jail through various court interventions, and providing them with clinical care and supportive housing. The ODR Clinical Programs are:

ODR Housing: Permanent supportive housing, intensive case management for those in pre-trial diversion or post-conviction services for persons on probation.

MIST-CBR: Misdemeanor Incompetent to Stand Trial Community-Based Restoration and pre-trial diversion.

FIST-CBR: Felony Incompetent to Stand Trial Community-Based Restoration.

Department of State Hospitals Diversion: Specialized use of PC 1001.36 pre-trial diversion.

Maternal Health: Pre-trial diversion or post-conviction services for pregnant women to remove them from jail custody.

Failure to Appear and Rearrest Rates for ODR Clients Released Pretrial*

by Service Program
Number Released Failed to Apper in Court Rearrested for New Offense
ODR Clinical Programs
DSH Diversion 132 27% 5%
FIST - CBR 342 4% 17%
MIST - CBR 705 4% 22%
Maternal Health 23 17% 22%
ODR 204 10% 16%
Comparison Group: Persons with Serious Mental Disorders released from jail in the same time-period 34,441 38% 49%
*Data provided by County of Los Angeles Chief Information Office, Analytics Center of Excellence. Data inclusive of persons with a pretrial start date on or after 2018.

ODR Client Demographics Across the Clinical Programs

Age Range

Age Range N %


Gender N %


N Ethnicity


N Race

ODR Clinical Program Demographics