Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Enrollment and Log In

Click on “Reset Password” on the login screen to begin the process of verifying your personal information and creating a new password.

Call your doctor’s office to update the information in the registration system.

No. The MyWellness Patient Portal is a free service offered to all of our patients. You can enroll at any time by clicking on “Enroll today” on the login screen.

Family and Proxy Access

Yes. To help patients and their care partners manage their healthcare needs, proxy access allows a patient to designate a representative “proxy” to have access to their information through the proxy’s MyWellness Patient Portal.

If you are a parent or a care partner of a Health Services patient and you would like to gain access to the patient’s medical information via MyWellness Patient Portal you can do it online, at a clinic, or at a hospital. A clerical staff at a clinic and a hospital can assist you in enrollment.

Yes, you can do it online or in person.

Almost all the information the patient sees in their MyWellness account is viewable by your proxy.

Yes, if you have proxy access for a family member, you can send messages to the family member’s doctors.

Medical Record

You may download or print parts of your medical record from the MyWellness Patient Portal. For a complete copy of your medical record, please contact the Health Information Management Department at the facility where you receive your care

Please contact your doctor to discuss your results. You can also call 866-434-1543 for live support, or reach us by email at

You may see your lab and imaging results on the My Wellness Patient Portal website. This option will be under radiology.

Messaging your Medical Team

Please allow our team to respond within 2-3 business days.

You can call our office to help you send your message to the appropriate person, you can view your previous lab result to check the provider’s name, or you can message any of your care team who will send your message to the appropriate person.

Mobile App/ Technical Support Information

Yes, a free mobile application is available for Apple and Android devices.  You can download it on Apple devices from the App store and for Android devices on the Google Play store. Search for the “Healthelife ” app.

Some smart phones have limited storage which limits the number of Apps you can have on your phone. You can use the internet browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc) to log into the MyWellness Patient Portal here.

MyWellness Patient Portal has a free mobile application for Apple devices on the App Store and for Android devices on the Google Play store. Search for “HealtheLife”.