Tips for Reaching Medi-Cal Incentive Project Goals

Tips for Reaching Medi-Cal Incentive Project Goals

By: Tom Lau, MHLA

Tips for Reaching Medi-Cal Incentive Project Goals

Tips for Reaching Medi-Cal Incentive Project Goals 1024 684 My Health LA

As My Health LA prepares for the program’s sunsetting, our Medi-Cal Incentive Project is helping motivate Community Partners (CPs) enroll all MHLA members into Restricted Medi-Cal.

Those with Restricted Medi-Cal will automatically transition to Full-Scope Medi-Cal on January 1, 2024 when the Medi-Cal expansion for ages 26 to 49 takes effect. CPs who reach their Medi-Cal enrollment goals will receive an incentive payment as outlined in our direct emails.

Medi-Cal enrollment status will be verified through the Department of Public Social Services at the end of the 6-month period on October 31, 2023.

The following tips will help Community Partners in reaching their goals and ensure that all Medi-Cal enrollees are counted.

CIN Number

The CIN number and date of birth are the most precise way to determine Medi-Cal enrollment.

Participants who are already enrolled in Restricted Medi-Cal will have a BIC card with their Medi-Cal CIN number. New applicants should provide this if available. The CIN number should be entered into the Medi-Cal Number field on One-e-App before the new application is approved. Unfortunately, this field can no longer be updated after approval.

Active Medi-Cal Status

Along with the CIN number, the Medi-Cal status must also be active for it to be counted in the incentive program. Requirements, such as yearly redeterminations, are needed to prevent Medi-Cal from being terminated. Those with terminated Medi-Cal should contact DPSS for instructions on how to restart their Medi-Cal benefits before the incentive period ends.

Personal Information

Without a CIN number, verification will be done using personal information on One-e-App such as the first and last name, DOB, and address. The information on One-e-App should match those found on the Medi-Cal application. Inconsistencies should be corrected with the most up-to-date information either on One-e-App or the Medi-Cal application.

Set a Higher Goal

Community Partners are encouraged to set a higher goal for Medi-Cal enrollment. A participant’s identity may not be determined due to conflicting personal information on One-e-App and the Medi-Cal application. In addition, new applicants and transfers without Restricted Medi-Cal may be assigned towards the end of the incentive period, not allowing time for Medi-Cal enrollment.