Sunsetting Overview

Sunsetting Overview

By: Jorrel Sampana, MHLA

Sunsetting Overview

Sunsetting Overview 1024 683 My Health LA

The My Health LA program is scheduled to end January 2024, but for a very good reason: the final stage of the Medi-Cal expansion will extend its coverage to the remaining MHLA participants. Between then and now, a couple of major changes will occur in the program to prepare for the sunsetting and the transition of MHLA participants to Medi-Cal.

First, the messaging schedule to our participants will change from a monthly robocall and text message to quarterly. In addition, the messaging will switch from notifications about renewals and reenrollment to messaging that encourages participants to enroll early into restricted scope (emergency) Medi-Cal. Our hope is that the revised robocalls and texts will align with other forms of messaging such as flyers or direct mailing.

Second, we will be posting a new provider bulletin soon regarding contract changes with our Community Partners to reflect the program sunsetting. That will include deadlines for adding new clinic sites and pharmacies as well as the end date for the program.

Third, MHLA will be releasing a PIN shortly to outline a new incentive program to encourage our Community Partners to assist the MHLA participants to enroll in restricted scope Medi-Cal. Details will be outlined in that PIN when it released later this month. We apologize for the delay in getting this out – we have been working with DPSS to get the baseline data.

Here are a handful of important events and their projected dates:

  • Updated PIN for an upcoming incentive program – March/early April 2023
  • Contract amendment – April 2023
  • Deadline to add new clinic and pharmacy sites without an FSR – May 31, 2023
  • End of annual site audits – June 2023
  • End of enrollment audits – Summer 2023
  • Final requests for formulary additions – August 15, 2023 (Adjustments due to manufacturer discontinuation will be considered at any time).
  • Deadline for Health Plan-approved FSR to add sites – September 30, 2023
  • Official end of MHLA program – January 31, 2024

More details on the listed events above and others not listed will be released as we approach those dates. Please note that Community Partners have up to 60 days to submit claims after the MHLA program end date.