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Provider Bulletin #14 Update

Provider Bulletin #14 Update

By: Jorrel Sampana, MHLA

Provider Bulletin #14 Update

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MHLA Provider Bulletin #14 is now live and available on the MHLA website. The Bulletin focuses on an automatic enrollment extension: beginning February 1, 2023, the MHLA program will auto-extend all current members, re-adds, and new applicants through January 31, 2024. There will be no changes to the current eligibility and enrollment process. All disenrollment options will remain unchanged, including the auto-disenrollment process implemented for individuals turning 50 years old.

In addition, Provider Bulletin #14 highlights plans to message program participants directly in order to encourage them to apply for restrictive Medi-Cal. Starting February 1, 2023 MHLA program participants will begin receiving robocalls and texts reminding them to apply for restricted Medi-Cal by December 31, 2023. Flyers will also be sent out in all threshold languages to program participants explaining the process of applying for restricted Medi-Cal; links to the flyers will be provided when they are ready for distribution.

MHLA is encouraging our Community Partners (CPs) to enroll program participants into restricted Medi-Cal in anticipation of the final Medi-Cal expansion in January 2024. On this front, MHLA is planning an incentive program to encourage CPs to actively assist participants in applying for Medi-Cal. However, please remember that Health Services staff can only take and process Medi-Cal applications for uninsured patients when those individuals are receiving a service at one of the Health Services facilities. Please do not send MHLA participants to Health Services facilities to apply for Medi-Cal unless they are actively receiving a Health Services treatment (e.g. specialty, urgent, emergency or inpatient care).

Further details and the complete Provider Bulletin #14 are available on the MHLA website.