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The Health Services (Health Services) established a countywide retail and 340B pharmacy network for MHLA participants. Our Pharmacy Services Administrator (PSA) is Ventegra, a local Glendale-based company which provide participants with broad access to medications through their extensive countywide network of pharmacies. 

The following documents are now available for all CPs. For any questions, please contact your MHLA Program Advocate.

  1. MHLA Pharmacy Phase 2 Orientation (with audio) Revised 07/18/2018
  2. Pharmacy Fact Sheet (English/Spanish)
  3. New Member Letter to get Medications (English/Spanish)
  4. Onsite Pharmacy and Electronic Dispensary Best Practices – quick tips on the claim adjudication process to ensure appropriate payment for your prescription dispensations – developed by Ventegra New 05/16/2019

For more information on VentegraVentegra Introductory Overview Presentation

  1. MHLA Prior Authorization Form for Empagliflozin (Jardiance)
  2. MHLA Prior Authorization Form for Exenatide (Byetta)
  3. MHLA Prior Authorization Form for Liraglutide (Victoza)
  4. MHLA Prior Authorization Form Updated 05/31/2019
  5. MHLA PAP Drug Notification Form Updated 10/25/2016
  6. MHLA PAP Notification Excel Form Updated 10/25/2016

Note:  MHLA is a no-cost health care program for low-income individuals who live in Los Angeles County – MHLA is not health insurance and prior authorization is not required for PAP eligibility.  If you have any questions about PAP for MHLA participants, please contact DHS Pharmacy Affairs | Office: 213-288-8476.