MHLA Newsletter – May 2022

MHLA Newsletter – May 2022

MHLA Newsletter – May 2022 150 150 My Health LA

MHLA Community Partner Connection Newsletter

Community Partners,

Now that the new Medi-Cal older adult expansion is in effect, the California Health Care Foundation and a partner organization are exploring how best to get the message out and how to motivate those who haven’t enrolled to do so. They have reached out to us at MHLA for help identifying adults 50 and older who speak Spanish, Mandarin, and Korean to participate in focus groups on June 7, 8 and 9. There will be an honorarium of $150 for those who participate. If you can identify anyone who may be interested, please send their names and contact information ASAP to Sandra Mendez by email or text/call at 818-666-7316.  A bilingual scheduler will contact each person to ask a few questions and to confirm their participation.

We are also continuing to recruit for our MHLA Community Council. Our recent meeting focused on communication, what they know about the MHLA program and how they would prefer to get additional information. Anyone interested should contact MHLA Member Services at 844-744-6452 if they are interested. Participants receive Target gift cards for each meeting they attend.

CPs will be receiving the MHLA Mental Health Prevention Services exhibit for signature soon. About 60% of the Community Partner agencies decided to continue the services (and the Supplemental Behavioral Health MGF payment) in Fiscal Year 2022-23, which will use a new prevention questionnaire beginning in July 1. The remaining CPs have decided not to continue the services.

Please let us know if there have been any glitches or challenges with the 50+ transition. We are assessing internally what worked well and where there are opportunities for improvement, so we will be ready in 2024 when the rest of the MHLA participants are expected to become eligible for full-scope Medi-Cal.

Thank you everyone and happy June!   — Anna Gorman

50+ Older Adult Medi-Cal Transition Update

50+ Older Adult Medi-Cal Transition Update 1024 673 My Health LA

Approximately 37,000 MHLA participants who were 50 years of age or older were disenrolled from the MHLA program on May 1 after becoming eligible for Medi-Cal under recent changes to the eligibility requirements.

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Affordable Connectivity Program Collaboration

Affordable Connectivity Program Collaboration 852 480 My Health LA

If you’re an L.A. County resident struggling with household expenses, the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) can help with the high cost of home internet.

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Specialty Care List of High-Risk Current & Former Participants

Specialty Care List of High-Risk Current & Former Participants 1024 576 My Health LA

Recently, the MHLA program office has distributed to Community Partners lists of individuals who are 50 years and older who were in MHLA at some point within the previous six months and saw a specialist at DHS during that time.

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eConsult and CP’s Difficulty in Receiving Specialist’s Notes

eConsult and CP’s Difficulty in Receiving Specialist’s Notes 1024 683 My Health LA

One of the frequent complaints we hear from CPs is the challenge in receiving DHS specialist reviewer’s consult notes. Our DHS team investigated this issue in collaboration with our DHS vendor, Cerner and LANES. The problem has been identified.

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