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Medication Assisted Treatment and SAPC: Redux

Medication Assisted Treatment and SAPC: Redux

By: MHLA Staff

Medication Assisted Treatment and SAPC: Redux

Medication Assisted Treatment and SAPC: Redux 1024 683 My Health LA

In our June 2022 edition of the CP Connections Newsletter, we included information about Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) and MHLA’s partnership with the Department of Public Health Substance Abuse and Prevention and Control program (SAPC). In that article, we presented a brief overview of SAPC and its availability to our MHLA participants. That article can be found here. We would like to collect user feedback from our CPs and participants, as well as canvas for interest in deeper SAPC integration into the My Health LA network. The MHLA team wants to ensure that all CPs have access to Substance Use Disorder services for the care of those individuals needing these services. We can provide linkage to SAPC providers near you.

If you are seeing an increasing need and would like the refer more participants to MAT, MHLA can work to connect CPs with SAPC clinics for more efficient and seamless referrals for your participants. The MHLA team has reached out to all CPs in the last few weeks and have already started making connections between CPs and SAPC contractors. Please contact your MHLA program advocate if you would like to be connected to a local SAPC contractor.

As a reminder, SAPC and its network of providers offer prevention, treatment, recovery and harm reduction services for individuals. Together with SAPC, My Health LA is aiming to provide MAT and other treatment services to My Health LA participants as a means of effective and sustainable treatment for substance use disorders. SAPC program information and available resources can be found on the DPH website.

My Health LA hopes to make these services even more accessible to our participants in the hopes of providing a resource that otherwise may not be available to them.