eConsult Corner: Closing an eConsult

eConsult Corner: Closing an eConsult

By: Sothida Tan, MHLA

eConsult Corner: Closing an eConsult

eConsult Corner: Closing an eConsult 963 479 My Health LA

Did you know?

CP Providers should close eConsults if no further dialog between the CP Provider and Specialist Reviewer is necessary.  The reason codes for closing an eConsult include: patient needs addressed, pending diagnostics, specialty change, cancelled, expired, patient declined care, and patient out of county.

To close an eConsult:

    1. Enter the reply in the dialog box. Then click the “Close eConsult” dropdown menu below the dialog box.econsult_diagram1
    2. Choose a reason code from the dropdown menu. In the example below, “Patient Needs Addressed” is chosen.
    3.  Click on the “Close Consult & Send” button to close the consult.

If an eConsult is still in dialog status between the Specialist Reviewer and Provider, but the last response date was more than 6 months, the system will automatically close the eConsult.

If the eConsult is in “pending” status, central Specialty Care Linkage (SCL) or the local scheduler may not have contacted the participant/patient yet and the participant/patient could still be waiting for an appointment.  Usually, SCL or local schedulers will schedule an appointment approximately 2 weeks later, depending on the time frame chosen by the Specialist Reviewer.

If the participant/patient status has not been updated after 2 weeks for an appointment, CPs should reach out to the Help Desk and include in the subject line, “Attention: eConsult Team” with the eConsult number, so that the eConsult team can review the case and provide support.

If the patient has been seen, but the eConsult status has not been updated, note there could be a backlog with uploading and updating patient records, although with SCL scheduling, eConsult status updates are accurate.  With local scheduling, updates are slower and may remain in pending status longer.  If a CP Provider knows the participant/patient has completed their appointment, CPs can contact the Help Desk and request to close the eConsult.  Please provide eConsult number, reason code, and other relevant information.

For more specifics on closing an eConsult, please reference the user guides.  You can find the user guides along with additional helpful information (e.g. list of DHS specialties in eConsult, job-aids for all user types, videos) under the My Resources section in eConsult.