50+ Older Adult Medi-Cal Transition Updates

50+ Older Adult Medi-Cal Transition Updates

By: Jorrel Sampana, MHLA

50+ Older Adult Medi-Cal Transition Updates

50+ Older Adult Medi-Cal Transition Updates 1024 683 My Health LA

The 50+ Older Adult Medi-Cal Transition is right around the corner and that makes it even more urgent to encourage our eligible participants to enroll in Restricted Medi-Cal.

As a reminder, there will be two planned waves of disenrollment of participants who will qualify for Full-Scope Medi-Cal under the Older Adult Expansion. The first group of MHLA participants — those who are already in restricted scope Medi-Cal – will be disenrolled by May 1. The second group will be disenrolled by August 1.

Disenrollment letters in May and August will go out to participants letting them know when they are disenrolled from MHLA. Participants that did not transition will receive one more reminder letter in May notifying them to sign up for Medi-Cal and that they will be disenrolled by August 1. We have also updated the MHLA website to include the section on 50+ transition https://dhs.lacounty.gov/my-health-la/enrollment-one-e-app/.

To avoid gaps in coverage, please continue to encourage and assist eligible adults to enroll in Medi-Cal. For assistance with enrollment, here are a few organizations with available resources for guidance: CHOI https://bit.ly/3ppVUnt and BAILA Network www.bailanetwork.org or 1-888-624-4752. In addition, an FAQ for CPs is available here. For enrollment assistance, a list of CHOI contractors can be found here.

To further assist CPs through this transition, MHLA sent out Provider Bulletin #12: Older Adults Medi-Cal Expansion this week. This bulletin provides further detail on the expansion including DHS’ plan for specialty care patients. This guidance outlines the specialty care process for the primary care providers (PCPs) and the CP care team and recommends that PCPs carefully review the urgency of any upcoming specialty care visits or new eConsult referrals. You can find Provider Bulletin #12 on the website here: https://dhs.lacounty.gov/my-health-la/provider-notices-contracts/. Additionally, MHLA developed new flyers in Spanish and English for CPs to post, email and share with program participants. These flyers can be found on the MHLA Medi-Cal Expansion section of the website here.

Together, we can ensure a smooth transition while providing the most optimal care possible during these exciting changes in the healthcare landscape.