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Perinatal High-Risk Programs

Overview:   MAMA’S Visits is a healthcare and support program for pregnant and parenting mothers. MAMA’s Visits, an extension of MAMA’S Neighborhood, uses a Mobile Care Team (MCT) to offer comprehensive, coordinated and compassionate home-or community-based care management that is personalized to support low income pregnant and parenting mothers who have complex, stressful life issues. These stressful issues can make a mother’s pregnancy difficult, a baby be born too early or too small, it hard for a mother and baby to recover after birth, and it slower for a baby to grow and develop normally. With regular and supportive doctor and care coordinator visits, a mother and baby can work with their MCT to have a healthy pregnancy and be empathically supported during the baby’s first years of life. The MAMA’S Visits program can be reached at 1-844-37-MAMAS.


Services Provided:

  • Home or community-based care and support visits conducted by a Mobile Care Team (MCT) made up of nurses, counselors and care coordinators
  • Educational guidance on healthy pregnancies, recovery after birth and attachment and development with baby
  • Group educational classes to learn about pregnancy, stress reduction, breastfeeding, parenting and baby bonding, and a baby development
  • Linked prenatal care with a doctor at a MAMA’S Clinic and birth planning at a MAMA’S Hospital
  • Community referrals to assist with getting WIC, housing, a new job, training or enrolling in school, childcare or preschool, legal support, transportation and other life needs
  • Linked connection to advanced health services like psychiatry, substance use support, violence counseling, and high-risk doctors who see pregnant and postpartum mothers that have diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Family planning education, support and contraception, if desired
  • Mothers’ meet-up socials to celebrate motherhood and build a family


Inclusion Criteria:

  • Pregnant
  • Medi-Cal eligible or low-income
  • Experiencing complex, stressful life circumstances


Length of Program: 12-18 months

The average length of stay for MAMA’s Neighborhood program is 12-18 months.

For more information, click here or please call 1-844-37-MAMAS, your local clinic, or e-mail mamas@dhs.lacounty.gov. If you would like to refer a patient, or yourself on our secure portal, please click here.

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