Whole Person Care - Los Angeles (WPC-LA)

Medical/Legal Partnership

Overview: The Medical-Legal Community Partnership (MLCP) will address legal issues that affect WPC-LA participants, to ensure that these individuals have the resources and support needed to achieve better health and well-being. Linking lawyers to the health and WPC-LA care management teams through MLCP allows WPC-LA to support clients with their legal needs in an efficient manner. By training, learning, working side-by-side, and sharing data and resources, clinicians, allied health workers, and lawyers can also collectively advocate for improved policies and regulations that can improve population health. MLCP will assist WPC-LA participants in multiple legal areas through phone consultation (e.g. technical assistance/advice calls with counsel), and direct legal service to individuals identified through phone consultations. The MLCP aims to provide an estimated 2,500 technical assistance/advice calls, 1,000 brief service interventions, a handle an estimated 100 administrative appeals and approximately 50 litigation cases.

Inclusion Criteria:

  • A current WPC-LA participant who has been referred to the MLCP by the WPC-LA Care management teams.

Services Provided:

Legal support in the following areas:
General law-enforcement;
Benefits advocacy & access to benefits (outside of disability – please see Benefits Advocacy program);
Family law;
Educational services;
Consumer law matters; and

Length of Stay:
The length of stay for the Medical-Legal Community Partnership depends on the details of the legal case.