Diversity Programs

Frequent Ask Questions

  • What is Cultural Diversity Month ?

    Answer: A time to value the contributions of the different people in this “world community” of Los Angeles County. A time to recognize how the diversity of the people of the County enhances the lives of our children, friends, significant others, and community at large. Cultural Diversity Month is a part of this annual event in October through seminar or other event. Help to highlight the diversity in the trades, in artistic endeavors, in policies, and productions. Cultural Diversity Month is sponsored by the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors and the Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations.
  • Why have a Cultural Diversity Month ?

    Answer: There has been enormous change in the racial, religious, and cultural population of Los Angeles County over the past decade, and we now have larger numbers of more different peoples than any other place in the world. This presents us with great opportunities for continuing economic growth and cultural enrichment, but it also creates great problems of increasing prejudice and intergroup tension.
  • What is the mission of The Office of Diversity Programs ?

    Answer: The Diversity Mission of the Department of Health Services Diversity Program is to: Establish systems that promote diversity and maintain cultural competency in the work setting. Educate the workforce to be culturally and linguistically competent. Create an environment that respects and understands staff, patient/consumer, and community cultures, values, and beliefs in health care service delivery. Apply problem-solving techniques for culture-related conflict resolution. Share the diversity vision and mission with health care partners and elicit their support.
  • What is the vision of The Office of Diversity Programs ?

    Answer: Over a two-year period the Department of Health Services will improve the provision culturally sensitive patient/consumer service in collaboration with the community, labor unions, and our public-private partners. The workforce will reflect cultural diversity and demonstrate linguistic and cultural competence.
  • What year did the Board of Supervisors adopt a Policy on Diversity ?

    Answer: In 1995 the Board of Supervisors for the County of Los Angeles adopted a Policy on Diversity.