Diversity Programs

About Us

The Office of Diversity Programs was established as a result of the EEOC Conciliation Agreement and the Board of Supervisor’s motion approving the County’s Diversity Policy. The Office was established to put into operation the Department of Health Service’s Diversity Strategic Plan, and the DHS Diversity Mission and Vision, which was established in July 1997.

DHS Diversity Vision – The Department of Health Services will provide culturally competent patient/consumer service in collaboration with the community, labor unions and our public-private partners. The workforce will reflect cultural diversity and demonstrate language and cultural competence.

  • DHS Diversity Mission – The diversity mission of the Department of Health Services Office of Diversity Programs is to:
  • Establish systems that promote diversity and maintain cultural competency in the work setting.
  • Educate the workforce to be culturally and linguistically competent.
  • Create an environment that respects and understands staff, patient/consumer and, community cultures, values and beliefs in health care service delivery.
  • Apply problem-solving techniques for culture-related conflict resolution.
  • Promote community involvement.
  • Share the diversity vision and mission with health care partners and elicit their support.

The Office of Diversity Programs is responsible for administration, implementation and ongoing oversight of the Diversity Program throughout the Department including development of core and advanced diversity training modules for the Department; providing leadership and staff support to the DHS Diversity Operations Council; collaboration with facility/division managers and administrators to design effective,

culturally competent health care services; consultation and technical assistance to facility administrators and staff on diversity issues; development of diversity-related program policies, standards and strategies for implementation; developing community/private partnerships outreach programs to link community diversity and cultural competency issues with departmental planning strategies.

The Diversity Operations Council was established in July 1997 to 1) develop policy standards and strategies for implementation of the Department’s Diversity Program in accordance with the Diversity Strategic Planning Framework; 2) evaluate the effectiveness of the program; 3) assure community and private partner participation in the process.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Diversity Operations Council include:

Serves as principal management representative responsible for coordinating the implementation of the Department’s Diversity Strategic Plan within their cluster, branch, division or program area.

Provides assistance to facility/division managers in conducting organizational assessment to create relevant diversity programs; assists in the design of diversity initiatives ad specific action plans to implement the six components of the Diversity Strategic Plan.

Provides continuous evaluation and feedback to senior management on the effectiveness of the diversity initiatives within their respective areas(s) of responsibility; recommends new systems, structures, policies and strategies as appropriate.

Coordinates the diversity training efforts for the cluster, branch, division or program areas with the Diversity Program Office staff; identifies staff to serve as diversity trainers to implement the diversity education component of the plan.

Assists in developing diversity standards to hold all managers accountable for demonstrating leadership in valuing diversity in their respective areas of responsibility.

Advises the Director, DHS on ways to enhance the Diversity Program.