Office of Nursing Affairs

Helpful Hints for Successful Application Process

Bulletin Information

The bulletin information is critical to determine your qualifications for the position. You should read and understand the bulletin information prior to submitting your application. Below are a few key areas for you to review and follow.

  • Read the bulletin information thoroughly before submitting your application
  • Review the following sections:
    • Salary Schedules: Minimum and Maximum
    • Position/Program Information
    • Essential Job Functions
    • License(s) Required and Physical Class
    • Eligibility Information
  • Follow the directions in the following sections:
    • Requirements and Special Requirement
    • Examination Content
    • Application and Filing Instructions

Should you have any unanswered questions, please contact, the Contact person named in the bulletin or our Nurse Recruiters before applying.

How to Apply

The County of Los Angeles has implemented a quick and efficient method of applying for employment. The Department of Health Services encourages you to complete your employment online only.

Filling out an Application

To successfully submit your application, ensure that you have completed the following steps:

  • Fill out your application completely. Do not leave any blank spaces.
  • Attach all required documents as described in the Bulletin.
    For example: license(s), certification(s) including Basic Life Support certification, degree(s), resume; diploma; awards, etc.
  • Ensure that all documents are legible, current, and attached.
  • Ensure that your legal name is used on the application and all attached documents.