Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Agency

The EMS Agency approves and monitors EMS training programs, public access defibrillation (PAD) programs and automated external defibrillators (AED) located within Los Angeles County.


AED Programs
Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) Programs
Jacqueline Rifenburg, BSN, RN
Chief, Program Approvals


David Wells, BSN, RN, MICN 
Public Safety/BTCC Training Programs
Paramedic Training Programs
(562) 378-1638


Jennifer Calderon, RN, MICN
Public Safety CE, EMT & Skills Programs
Private CE, EMT & Skills Programs


Natalie Greco, MSN, RN, MICN 
Base Hospital CE Programs
Private CE, EMT & Skills Programs
(562) 378-1689

Please review the application checklist for all requirements. An EMS CE program approval policy, application forms, checklists, and guides have been developed to assist you in submitting a complete application.

Applications may be submitted in person or mail via printed or electronic format (thumb drive/cd/dvd). Additionally, emailing the application is accepted if all required documents are submitted within one email (no share sites accepted). Please contact the Office of Program Approvals if you have any questions after reviewing the documentation below and prior to submitting a program application packet.

Reference No. 1013 – EMS Continuing Education (CE) Provider Approval and Program Requirements.

Application Documents

Program Requirements Checklist
Program Application
Program Director
Clinical Director
Schedule Checklist
Attendance Record Checklist
Certificate Checklist

EMS CE Tools

Sample Lesson Plan
Objectives Information
Objective Verbs
Written Exam
Course Evaluation
Course File Storage
Needs Assessment
Quality Improvement
Performance Evaluation
Annual Summary
EMS CE Program Review


Approved EMS CE Programs
MICN Field Observation for Certification Renewal

Reference No. 1011 – MICN Field Observation
MICN Field Information
MICN Field Observation Form
MICN Field Observation Form Blank
Field Observation Evaluation

EMS Training Programs

Approved EMT Training Programs
EMT Roster and Instructions

Sample | Instruction | Roster Sheet
Approved Paramedic Training Programs

Airway Management Skills

Suction Oropharyngeal Skill Test
Suction Tracheostomy Skill Test
Nasal Pharyngeal Airway (NPA) Skill Test
Oral Pharyngeal Airway (OPA) Skill Test
Donning Sterile Gloves Skill Test
Airway Obstruction Adult/Child Skill Test
Airway Obstruction Infant Skill Test


Breathing Skill

Bag-Mask-Ventilation Skill Test
Oxygen Administration Skill Test


Cardiac Skills (BLS)

Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) Skill Test
Basic Life Support (CPR) Adult 1 & 2 Rescuer Skill Test
Basic Life Support (CPR) Child 1 & 2 Rescuer Skill Test
Basic Life Support (CPR) Infant 1 & 2 Rescuer Skill Test


Medication Skills

Medication Administration Bronchodilator Skill Test
Epinephrine Skill Test
Glucose Check (Finger Stick) Skill Test
Naloxone Skill Test
Nitroglycerin Skill Test
Oral Glucose Skill Test


Musculoskeletal Skills

Spinal Motion Restriction (SMR) Seated Patient Skill Test
Spinal Motion Restriction (SMR) Supine Patient Skill Test
Traction Splint(s) Skill Test


OB/Gyn Skills

Emergency Childbirth (ECB) Delivery Skill Test
Emergency Childbirth (ECB) Newborn Resuscitation Skill Test


Patient Assessment Skills

Patient Assessment Chest Auscultation Skill Test
Patient Assessment Medical Skill Test
Patient Assessment Pediatric Length Based Resuscitation Tape Skill Test
Patient Assessment Trauma Skill Test
Patient Assessment Vital Signs-Blood Pressure Skill Test
Patient Assessment Vital Signs-Pulse Skill Test
Patient Assessment Vital Signs-Respirations Skill Test


Trauma Skills 

Bleeding Control/Shock Management Skill Test
Chest Injury Penetrating Skill Test
Soft Tissue Injury Evisceration Skill Test

MICN Development Programs

Los Angeles County MICN Core Objectives