Alternate Destinations

Alternate destinations (AD) are sites outside of the 9-1-1 receiving facility that receive 9-1-1 transports. Transport to these sites is only for patients that are best served in a facility other than the Emergency Department.

Transport to alternate destinations that are not located on a 9-1-1 Receiving Facility campus is not authorized unless your Provider Agency is participating in an approved pilot program.  EMS personnel may be directed by the 9-1-1 receiving facility to an alternate triage/care site ON campus and adjacent to the Emergency Department, such as a triage tent.  The 9-1-1- Receiving Facility is required to submit a plan to the LA County EMS Agency and to the Provider Agencies in the region. See COVID-19 Update # 8 for more information.

Alternate destination for transport of EMS patients requiring acute medical care is currently on hold.  The LA County EMS Agency will monitor the outbreak and can implement alternate destinations as the need arises.  Pilot programs transporting patients without acute medical needs to Sobering Centers and Psychiatric Urgent Cares are still in effect.