College of Nursing and Allied Health

Education and Consulting Services

Tammy Blass, Ed.D., CCRN, RN


Tammy Blass, Ed.D., CCRN, RN
Dean, Education and Consulting Services

Education and Consulting Services (EDCOS) is committed to providing learning experiences that enhance professional nursing practice. To fulfill this commitment, EDCOS offers a wide range of courses designed to address the ongoing learning needs of DHS nursing staff, as well as to provide avenues for career mobility. Classes provide continuing education contact hours for license renewal by the California Board Registered Nursing and other certification organizations. Individually tailored courses and consultation are also available. The faculty’s academic preparation, knowledge base, and clinical expertise ensure that all courses meet or exceed regulatory and accreditation standards.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students demonstrate ongoing professional development through application of academic, technical, collaborative, communication, and critical thinking skills in the safe care of culturally diverse patients in a variety of settings.

Faculty and Staff

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