College of Nursing and Allied Health


To provide learning centered educational programs and career development opportunities for healthcare students in support of the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services.


To be a model learning centered educational system providing a continuum and breadth of education and professional development to promote health in the Los Angeles community.


To guide us in achieving our mission and vision we believe:

  • Education is an indispensable component of high quality and safe patient centered care
  • Education is a dynamic, life long process that promotes and maximizes both personal and professional development
  • Our priority is to respond to the educational needs of our students, the LAC+USC Medical Center, Department of Health Services and the community
  • Learning activities that provide for freedom of inquiry, self-discovery and sharing of ideas are conducive to individual growth
  • The teaching-learning process is a reciprocal relationship between learner and teacher, which maximizes learner autonomy, and is effective when achievement of learning outcomes is demonstrated
  • The climate of learning is enhanced when the dignity and worth of individuals with different abilities, learning styles, support systems and cultural and ethnic backgrounds are recognized
  • Ongoing evaluation of our performance and openness to change are essential as programs grow, technology improves, student needs change and learning methods evolve
  • Teamwork promotes flexibility, collaboration, innovation, and networking
  • Integrity, professionalism, and respect are inherent to our relationships with each other, our students, our partners and the community
  • Fiscal responsibility is vital to ensuring the maximum benefit from DHS resources.