Whole Person Care – Los Angeles (WPC–LA) is a program that brings together health and social service agencies to build an integrated system that delivers seamless, coordinated services to LA County’s most vulnerable Medi-Cal beneficiaries who are high risk, high utilizers of hospital and emergency departments. WPC–LA connects people experiencing homelessness, justice involvement, barriers to healthy pregnancy, serious mental illness, substance use disorder or complex health conditions to resources and support.


General Overview:

The vision of Whole Person Care – Los Angeles (WPC-LA) is to ensure that the most marginalized Medi-Cal beneficiaries in the County have the resources and support they need to thrive. This innovative five-year pilot brings together health and social service providers across Los Angeles County to build a more community-centered system of care and develop the foundational infrastructure necessary to deliver seamless, coordinated services to Medi-Cal populations.


Our 15 WPC-LA programs will serve high-risk participants in 6 groups:

  • Homeless High-Risk
    • Whole Person Care is partnering with Housing for Health (HFH) to launch five programs dedicated in providing homeless care and support to participants. To view the Housing for Health Fact Sheet, please Click Here. Through these programs, WPC-LA identifies participants who are at high-risk for housing insecurity to be placed in one or more of our programs.
  • Justice-Involved High-Risk
  • Mental Health High-Risk
  • Substance Use Disorder High-Risk
  • Medically High-Risk
  • Perinatal High-Risk


Eligibility and Enrollment:

In order to be eligible for WPC-LA programs, individuals must meet all the following criteria:

  1. Be a resident of Los Angeles County
  2. Be a Medi-Cal Beneficiary in an eligible Medi-Cal category
  • Full-Scope Medi-Cal (excludes State-Only Medi-Cal categories)
  • Medicaid/Medicare dual eligible beneficiaries who are Fee-for-Service Medicare beneficiaries
  1. Meet the inclusion criteria for one or more of the 15 programs


A Whole Person Care – Los Angeles representative help determine eligibility based on criteria and place participants into the appropriate program with the participant’s input. WPC staff then reach out to engage the participant.


Types of Services:

While the types and level of services provided vary by program, the general services provided include:

  • Care coordination and support
  • Navigation to physical and behavioral health services
  • Referral to social support services, such as housing and placement support services, benefits establishment, transportation, and food

The programs are enhanced care coordination services and do not replace other services or referrals.


Whole Person Care – Los Angeles (WPC-LA) works with people who live in Los Angeles County and are eligible for Medi-Cal. For more details on how to refer someone to a specific WPC-LA program, please click here for a copy of the WPC-LA Eligibility and Referral Pathway.