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Created in 2012, Housing for Health’s goals are to create housing opportunities, to reduce inappropriate use of expensive healthcare resources, and to improve the health and wellbeing of vulnerable populations.

  • We are mission-driven and embrace a whatever it takes approach to service delivery.
  • We lead with evidenced-based solutions and encourage innovation.
  • We are responsive and adaptable to complexity and change.
  • We work collaboratively and with integrity.
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Housing for Health partners with a diverse set of local, state, and federal entities including nonprofit organizations, county and state departments, elected officials, cities across Los Angeles County, philanthropy, health plans and other health partners, and people with lived experience.

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Housing for Health (HFH) was established in 2012 as a division within the Los County Department of Health Services to provide supportive housing to Health Services patients with complex medical and behavioral health issues who were experiencing homelessness. HFH’s goals were to improve patients’ health, reduce costs to the public health system, and demonstrate Health Services’s commitment to addressing homelessness within Los Angeles County. Since that time, HFH has expanded its services to some the County’s other most vulnerable populations thanks to the investment of resources by the Board of Supervisors, other County departments, and the voter-approved Measure H sales tax that provides a 10-year revenue source to fund housing and services to prevent and combat homelessness