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Honoring Social Workers

Honoring Social Workers

Social Worker month 2023

Honoring Social Workers

Honoring Social Workers 1024 713 Health Services Los Angeles County

March is Social Work Month and March 21st was World Social Worker Day. The theme for Social Work Month, according to the National Association of Social Workers this year is “Social Work Breaks Barriers.” Social Workers are a vital part of LA Health Services and the commitment to provide comprehensive care for our LA County communities.

Social workers are trained professionals who assess the needs and challenges of their clients and the community and subsequently work hard to obtain resources needed to live and thrive. They offer critical support to people dealing with a crisis and the various vicissitudes of life across the life span.

Most importantly, social workers advocate for social justice, human rights, societal development, and share the best practices needed in their industry.

Take a minute to thank an LA Health Services social worker for their dedication to health care and our community.  One minute of gratitude and empathy can brighten a person’s day.