Hospital Operations

Coordinate and conduct contract monitoring, site visits, data validation and evaluation of quality improvement programs for each hospital specialty program, as well as staffing, attending, and completing assignments for the various associated committees:

  • 69 9-1-1 Receiving hospitals
  • 15 Trauma Centers
    • THAC (Trauma Hospital Advisory Committee)
    • THAC Quality Improvement  (QI)
    • THAC Data Committee
  • 21 Base Hospitals
    • BHAC (Base Hospital Advisory Committee)
  • 37 Emergency Departments Approved for Pediatrics (EDAPs)
    • PedAC (Pediatric Advisory Committee)
    • EMS-C (Emergency Medical Services for Children)
    • PdLn (Pediatric Liaison Nurses)
  • 9 Pediatric Medical Centers (PMC)
    • ICAN (Interagency Council on Abuse and Neglect
    • COPEM (Committee on Pediatric Emergency Medicine)
  • 13 Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) Facilities
  • 35 STEMI (S-T Elevation Myocardial Infarction) Receiving Centers (SRC)
    • SRC Advisory Committee
  • 54 Approved Stroke Centers
    • Stroke Advisory Committee
  • Other major assignments under Hospital Programs:
    • Provide medical expertise for the Physician Reimbursement program
    • Maintenance Prehospital Care Manual

Investigation, research and fact-finding of patient care issues and concerns.