The L.A. County EMS Agency certifies Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) and Mobile Intensive Care Nurses (MICN). Also, all paramedics must be licensed by the State of California and become locally accredited in order to work as a paramedic within the County of Los Angeles for an approved ALS provider.  Advanced EMT is not a recognized designation in L.A. County.

The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT)

The NREMT application process has changed to online only. In order to become eligible to test for NREMT, you must attend and complete an approved training program, register online with NREMT, be approved by your training program director for course completion, and pay their fee. Once this is complete, you will receive an authorization to test with an authorization to test number, website link and phone number to schedule yourself to take the NREMT cognitive exam administered at testing centers designated by the NREMT. The exam standard for initial certification for EMT and Paramedic in California is the NREMT cognitive and psychomotor exam. For additional information about certification by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians as an Paramedic or EMT, visit their website at or call (614) 888-4484.

National Registry certification alone does not allow you to work as an EMT or Paramedic in California.

EMT Certification

In order to work as an EMT in California, you must be certified by one certifying entity (Local EMS Agency). This certification is valid statewide. Check with the local EMS agency in the county you work to identify if there are additional local requirements to function. For questions concerning EMT certification in L. A. County, check the Certification ) section web page or email

Paramedic State Licensure

In California, to become licensed as a Paramedic, you must pass the National Registry exam and complete all State requirements. For information on State licensure, check the EMS Authority’s web page at
( ) or call paramedic licensing at (916) 323-9875.

Paramedic Local Accreditation

In accordance with State regulations, a paramedic must be accredited to practice within a local jurisdiction in order to function as a Paramedic for an approved ALS provider. Paramedics must be employed and sponsored by an approved L. A. County ALS Provider Agency in order to become accredited. For questions regarding accreditation in L. A. County, contact your Paramedic Coordinator or Lynne An at more information about L. A. County Prehospital Certification requirements, select from the following: