Emergency Medical Services ECG07

Emergency Medical Services ECG07

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Agency

EMS Handoffs

Should receiving hospitals screen EMS providers upon arrival?

The Los Angeles County EMS Agency recommends against receiving facilities screening EMS providers because every EMS provider is screened by their employer regularly and performs self-monitoring. Extra screening provides no benefit, and may delay patient care.

When should I doff my PPE?

Doffing should only occur once the patient is off loaded from the gurney and transition of care to hospital personnel is complete.

What should I do if I am performing an aerosol generating procedure (AGP) upon arrival to the receiving facility?

AGPs should be held when entering the Emergency Department until the patient is in an enclosed room where the procedure may resume. Due to the critical nature of many AGPs, it is imperative to have advanced communication with hospital staff to identify the plan for handoff in order to minimize the time that the AGP is paused.  The only instance in which chest compressions and ventilations may continue during transport through the ED hallways is for patients who are intubated with an endotracheal tube and a viral filter in place, which creates a fully closed system. This is not recommended for BMV or King tube placement. See LA County EMS COVID-19 Update #7: EMS Handoffs for more information.