Sandra Shells Memorial Scholarship

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The Sandra Shells Scholarship Fund was created to honor Sandra Shells’ dedication and compassion to serve the most vulnerable patients at LA General Medical Center. Ms. Shells served in the Department of Emergency Medicine for thirty-eight years. Her commitment to service and dedication to the profession of nursing exemplified kindness, compassion, and altruistic beliefs that can make the difference in daily interactions – so that we may create harmony and spread love to those who need our care the most.

Ms. Shells inspired all of us to be our best. She trained many nurses along her journey and was much loved by her colleagues. Ms. Shells was affectionately known as “Sandy”.

In January 2022, Ms. Shells fell victim to an assault on her way to work. In celebrating her life’s work, our hope is to pay it forward to future nurses seeking a career at the Medical Center. This scholarship is meant to help the next generation of nurses while honoring the tremendous legacy that Ms. Shells left at LA General Medical Center. Recipients will receive $1,000 through the LA General Medical Center Foundation to pay for expenses such as class materials, uniforms, shoes, tablets, stethoscopes, and other related academic expenses.

Scholarship Conditions of Eligibility

  • Applicants must be actively enrolled at the College of Nursing and Allied Health (CONAH).
  • The applicant must be in their second, third or fourth  semester of nursing school at CONAH.
  • Recipient must have and maintain a 2.5 grade or above average.
  • Recipient must apply through the application link below.
  • Applicants should articulate a commitment to public service and nursing service at LA General Medical Center.

Guidelines for the Sandra Shells Scholarship

  • Applicants must meet the scholarship eligibility requirements.
  • Applicants must apply through the Sandra Shells, RN Scholarship Application Form (linked below).
  • All scholarship applications must be complete at the time of submission.

Scholarship Application Details (2-page essay)

  • Page 1 should describe your interest in becoming a nurse at a public institution like LA General Medical Center. Applicants are encouraged to describe ideal departments they want to start their nursing careers in – such as Medical Surgical, Psychiatry, Outpatient Services, Emergency Department, and ICU.
  • Page 2 should describe past work history, share any volunteer work, and discuss the community they grew up in. Describe what experience led you to choose your path in nursing. Some questions to consider:
    • Are you the first to attend College in your family? Do you have family members that at LA General Medical Center?
    • Do you have any military service experience?
    • What makes you stand out from all candidates?
    • How do you envision contributing to the nursing profession?

As of Friday April 26, 2024 at 3pm, the Sandra Shells Memorial Scholarship application form is now closed.  The recipients of the scholarship will be announced during our employee remembrance service held at LA General Medical Center in May 2024. Selected Sandra Shells Nursing Scholars will receive a plaque and have an opportunity to meet with some of the hospital Clinical Nursing Directors and other hospital leaders.

If you have any questions about the scholarship or application, please reach out to

The affirmation below was written by Kevin Velis, RN as a tribute that embodies Sandy’s character and love of Star Wars.

A jedi has patience and a calm mind. Sandy, your level of patience and calmness that we all witnessed on a daily basis is something I could only achieve in my wildest dreams.

A jedi avoids acting on the dark side of emotions like anger, aggression, and hate. We have felt those emotions in the ED, including you, but you were always as cool as ice no matter what.

A jedi has compassion. Sandy, your compassion for your patients and our ED family is what we will dearly miss. With that said, your firmness was also a thing of beauty when needed.

A jedi has intuition Sandy, you had thirty-eight years of intuition to be exact.

A jedi believes in destiny, selfless service to others, and is devoted to their mission in life. Sandy. You provided thirty-eight years of selfless service to this community as a LA County ER Nurse. This was your mission in life that you accomplished with humility. Indeed, we were all lucky to be a part of it.

This list can go on forever, but I can hear you telling “Come on now, stop playing”

Sandy, check in on us from time to time. No more visual acuity exams for you, I promise.

Sandy, our dear Jedi Master, you have become one with the Force.

Take care, dear friend. I’ll see you when I see you….