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Create 10,000 units by providing rental subsidies, working collaboratively to end homelessness in LA County, reducing inappropriate use of expensive healthcare resources, and improving health outcomes of vulnerable populations. 

  • Major Expansion: In response to recent initiatives including the Office of Diversion and Reentry, Whole Person Care, Homeless Initiatives, and Measure H, HFH is poised to enter a period of rapid expansion: 1) Ramping up to provide an additional 3,000 new permanent supportive housing placements over the next year; 2) Maintaining a Rapid Rehousing program that provides opportunities for job training; 3) Managing a benefits advocacy program co-located in 14 DPSS offices countywide; multiple field based locations; and co-located in the County jails with goals to serve over 10,000 people experiencing homelessness each year; 4) Coordinating the implementation of over 50 multi-disciplinary street based engagement teams through the County over the next three years; and 5) adding over 1000 beds of interim housing throughout the county to provide homeless people exits from the street and on route to permanent housing.
  • Health Agency Integration: The formation of the Health Agency is particularly important as the County looks forward to changing the way health care services are delivered to people experiencing homelessness. For example, the Department of Health Services, the Department of Mental Health, and the Department of Public Health are currently working together to ensure that all tenants in permanent supportive housing have seamless access to Intensive Case Management Services, specialty mental health services, and substance use and prevention services. Additionally, the three departments are working with other key County departments to implement a coordinated program called SuperConnect, that provides integrated case conferencing and problem solving for individuals who have frequent involvement in various systems of care without appropriate resolution.
  • Housing for Individuals Involved in Criminal Justice: While HFH's original focus was on high utilizers of the health care system, with the creation of the Office of Diversion and Reentry and DHS assuming responsibility of jail health, HFH has taken an increased role in aligning housing activities with the discharge needs of the criminal justice system.  The Office of Diversion and Reentry has created opportunities for people to be diverted from the criminal justice system into supportive housing and intensive services.