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Welcome to the Los Angeles County School of Nursing Alumni Association Webpage. The association was established in 1912 and incorporated by the State of California on August 1, 1918. It is a nonprofit association and donations are tax deductible.


Association objectives:

  • Promote good fellowship and communication among the graduates.
  • Advance the interests of the Los Angeles County College of Nursing and Allied Health.
  • Promote the advancement of nursing.
  • Provide nursing scholarships to students.
  • Maintain and restore Nursing and School memorabilia and historical artifacts.

Membership and Dues:

The Association membership is made up of Los Angeles County Medical Center School of Nursing graduates and honorary members. New graduates enjoy complimentary membership until the end of the year of their graduation

Membership dues are $20 yearly. These dues and other donations help to support the Annie M. Yates (Class of 1912) scholarship, Carol Kelly Memorial scholarship, Liddy Dye book scholarship, various programs and the semi-annual newsletter sent to all members.

It's an especially exciting time to become part of this fast paced, rewarding profession. And there's no place in the world like Los Angeles County College of Nursing and Allied Health to prepare for the future.

Alumni Board:

Chairperson: Midori (Meg) Hamabe 1958-I
Secretary: Joan Kohl 1990-I
Treasurer: Herminia (Mimie) (Lorca) Honda 1994-II

Board Members:

  • Mary (Knagge) Clement 1949-I
  • Doris (Wong) DeHart 1978
  • Yasmin Elming 2011-II
  • Natalie Rueda 2017-II
  • Ruthie (Berumen) Munoz 1971-II
  • Frances Chisholm Cervantes 1996-I
  • Melanie Barr -1990-II

Now Available:

         Books:                      Looking Back - A Century of Nursing, 1895 – 1995
                                         The history of the School of Nursing in print (over 900 photos, 270 pages) 
                                                 for $50 including shipping

          VHS/DVD:                A Century of Nursing. 1895-1995 
                                          The history of the School of Nursing on video for $10 including shipping

Contact Information:


           Mailing Address:      Los Angeles County School of Nursing Alumni Association 
                                         C/O LAC College of Nursing and Allied Health
                                         1237 N. Mission Rd. Box 348 & 349 
                                         Los Angeles, CA 90033