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DHS offers quality, patient-centered care through our integrated network of hospitals and clinics.  As a new patient, the first step is to select your "medical home," or clinic you want to go to every time you need care.   Our dedicated doctors, nurses, and health professionals are here to serve you.

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Our team of doctors, nurses, and health professionals will work together to make sure you get the care you need.  Our goal is to be your medical home, a place where you are welcome and where you get coordinated care to keep you well.


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If you already have health care coverage, like Medi-Cal Managed Care, contact the clinic listed on your membership ID card for an appointment, or talk to your health plan about changing your doctor or home clinic to DHS. 

If you have Medicare or private insurance and are not part of an HMO or PPO, choose one of our conveniently located clinics by typing in your city or zip code below to get started.  If you are uninsured, please click the “health coverage options” link below to learn about affordable programs and then search for a DHS clinic near you by address or zip code, or service category.

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Enter your address in our map finder to see where there are DHS community clinics and hospitals near you.

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