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Prehospital Care

Prehospital Care

The Prehospital Care Operations Section oversees the provision of basic and advanced life support by EMS personnel both public and private



  John Telmos, RN, MICN 
Chief, Prehospital Programs
(562) 347-1677
(562) 946-6594 (fax)
Cathlyn Jennings, RN, MICN  Cathlyn Jennings, RN, MICN 
Provider Agency Programs Coordinator
(562) 347-1680
(562) 946-6594 (fax)
Gary Watson, MBA, RN, MICN Gary Watson, MBA, RN, MICN
Provider Agency/SFTP Program Coordinator
(562) 347-1679
(562) 946-6594 (fax)






EMS Electronic Data Submission

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For more information, please contact Michelle William at (562) 347-1658 or e-mail Michelle


ALS Program Review

Presurvey Package - All Providers <<< Effective July 1st, 2015